Aug 10

Character Profile: Lucha Gator

Over the next few weeks I am going to drop some profiles for the various characters featured in My Father Wrestles Alligators. These profiles will give you a little back story into the strange things I imagined when I was a little kid.

If you were one of the generous backers that will be getting a black and white sketch in your book, this also lets you see the full characters. Now you can pick whatever character you like and not just whatever you see in the various promo pieces.

I thought I would start with the alligator himself, Lucha Gator. 

When my brothers told me that my dad wrestled alligators on the weekends, Lucha Gator is exactly what I pictured in my mind. This is probably because I was on a steady diet of WWF every Saturday morning which featured some of the most over-the-top characters in television history.  So here is the backstory I had in my mind at some point.

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