Aug 03

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Sharing Art on Instagram

Other than sharing art on Instagram and catching up on my favorite illustrators, the internet feels like it drains a little bit of me every time I sneak a peek. From the misinformation to the general hate hurled at one another, I have really been avoiding spending too much time online. 

Unplugging has been great for creating art and writing though. Less distractions and wasteful scrolling is giving me plenty of time to better my skills.

Instagram has become my preferred platform

I know it is run by Facebook, for now at least, but the simplicity of posting my art and the process videos behind them just works for me these days. I am generally following only artists and video gamers on the platform so my feed is pretty civil. I also don’t have a huge audience so I don’t get many spammers and haters.  

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What Kind of Art Do I Share on Instagram?

In my downtime from work and my personal life, I have been reading independent comics like Planet Slammer, Blood Force Trauma and the Mouse Guard collections. I got into comics when I was about 6 years old. One of my older brothers and his friends were big collectors so I was programmed young. Indie books and non-superhero stuff are my interests now. Look for my takes on characters from Mattchee’s Planet Slammer  and David Peterson’s Mouse Guard in the upcoming weeks. It has been really enjoyable doing interpretations of other people’s creations.

Blood Force Trauma Fan Art

Remember the Game has Reignited My Love of Video Games

In late 2019 I came across Remember the Game? podcast and it made me remember my love of Nintendo. Last year I beat Link’s Awakening and Breath of the Wild. Right now I am playing Skyward Sword on Switch and the original Wind Waker on GameCube. Obviously I am on a bit of a Zelda kick and that is coming through with my art. I recently did Link on a Loftwing and have some other classic Nintendo characters in the works soon too.

I would be stupid if I didn’t share the video game centric art merch I am collaborating with Adam Blank on as well. Definitely check them out. I am really proud of how they turned out. 

Creating My Own Universe Too

One year ago today I launched the children’s book My Father Wrestles Alligators on Kickstarter. This was my first real attempt at sharing a personal project with a larger audience. The feedback has been great and I loved the experience of creating, promoting and getting the book into the hands of my backers.

The last few months I have started to chip away at a larger story though. I have teased it here and there and it is really starting to shape up but I am not yet ready to share it formally. If you are interested in the 1990s, video game storytelling, alternate history and anthropomorphic stories…stay tuned! 

Gillespie Draws Upcoming Project

That is all for now, thanks for reading about the Remember the Game collaboration. I am working on my own Indie Shop updates too, so keep and eye out and follow along on my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and share if you think it doesn’t suck. THANKS!!!!

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