Aug 26

Console War Veteran T-Shirt

The Console War was real! Kids that grew up in the early 90s lived it. House of plumber vs house of hedgehog. Best friends arguing in the playgrounds. Families literally torn apart! That last part is a bit of an exaggeration but the lines were drawn and it was the greatest era ever! 

I am excited to continue my creative collaboration with Remember the Game Industries by offering this exclusive t-shirt. For this design I drew inspiration from one of my favorite Stanley Kubrick movies, Full Metal Jacket. I wanted to create a cool design but incorporate elements that would be recognizable to video gamers.

In the end I landed on the iconic controller from the SNES and a ring from Sonic. Initial reactions from the Remember the Game community is overall positive. I hope we continue to hear good things.

If you are a Console War Veteran, grab one today and let the world know you were in the shit! 


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