Final Days on Kickstarter

Final Days on Kickstarter

It is the last week of funding for My Father Wrestles Alligators. Thank you all for helping me reach my goal in the first 5 days! These past few weeks of sharing art, profiles, backstories, and even the process videos have been a blast. The support, the messages, and the shares have really helped this passion project exceed my highest expectations. I hope I didn’t spam you all too much!

The feedback from friends and family has been overwhelming. My fellow creators, who I look to for thoughts, tips, collaboration, and inspiration online, have spread My Father Wrestles Alligators through their own online art scenes. I plan to share some of their thoughts all week long as we long to wind down and move on to the next phase, print production!

But I have still one week left, so if you know of anyone looking for a unique book for their child or grandchild, send them my way. Thanks again for putting up with the marketing this August and I hope you enjoy my little book!

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