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My Father Wrestles Alligators is an original children’s book based on the fantastic stories my five older brothers told me as a kid. This the true story of the crazy things brothers tell their younger siblings! Enjoy some of the tales that kept me up at night and see how I imagined everything as a six-year-old boy with five older brothers!

As the youngest of 6 boys, I was often the recipient of many crazy stories. Stories about how my dad would wrestle alligators on the weekends. Or stories about how my grandmother was a quarter werewolf who didn’t like it when you touched all the little trinkets in her living room.

These stories fueled my wild imagination and always had me wondering what was real and what was just another weird joke! While recently telling my son an “exaggerated story” about his grandmother, it dawned on me that I should collect all the nonsense my older brothers fed to me as a kid.

And the idea for My Father Wrestles Alligators was born!

When creating this book I really wanted to capture how I pictured things as a 6-year-old. I believe the absurdity of it all shines through in my illustrations and hope you enjoy it!

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