Aug 31

Thank You!

On the surface, My Father Wrestles Alligators is just a fun little project. But creating an original children’s book has been a personal goal of mine for quite a few years. I’ve had numerous ideas that have stopped or stalled for various reasons, but this book is truly something I felt worth sharing with the world.

I could have financed this book myself, but there is something really exciting about running a Kickstarter project. Everything is done at a rapid pace. You create a product, you market it, and try to find an audience, and you see if they will contribute their hard-earned money. All in about 30 days!

The basic idea of Kickstarter is to fund a project based on the pitch. I guess the pitch was to buy my children’s book. But so many people have commented that they wanted this project to succeed because of their relationship with me. THAT MEANS A LOT.

To me, that means my idea was worth the chance. To me, that means I am doing something right. And to me, that means I am surrounding myself with quality people.

So I just wanted to say THANK YOU one last time because this book would not have been possible without you taking a chance on me and my little goal.

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