Aug 07

We Did It!

Less than 5 days into the Kickstarter and we are 100% funded! We did it together as your generosity catapulted My Father Wrestles Alligators right out of the gate. This is the perfect end to a strong week for our little book and there is still more to come!

I know many of you pledged more than the required amount and this is something I really didn’t expect. When I did the numbers on what it would take to get this produced, I didn’t take into account the enormous generosity from my family and friends. I was hesitant to actually launch this project, given the economic uncertainty, so please know that I truly appreciate all the help.

The goal of the Kickstarter wasn’t to make money for my livelihood, it was to get a cool product into as many people’s hands as possible. Meeting this goal allows me to print the book, stickers and bookmarks and have some money leftover for a few fun surprises. If we reach any additional thresholds, all the better but I really just wanted to create something I could call my own and share it with the world.

Thanks for helping make this happen and stay tuned for more updates next week!


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