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Joe Gillespie is 4545 Creative, a freelance graphic design and illustration studio focused on serving the client’s mission through dynamic visual artistry and story telling.

From in-house to freelance graphic design (and back again)

I think I have been a graphic designer since I was a child. Whether it was drawing at my family’s coffee table or writing stories with my brother, I was always creating something. This is probably what drove me to the Philadelphia High School of Creative and Performing Arts and after that to Hussian College where I earned a degree in graphic design. They say if you truly love your job you don’t work a day in your life, so here is my life so far.

Aramark (2004 – 2007)

My first professional job right out of school and being green is putting it lightly! Being a graphic designer for a large Fortune 500 company would prove to be a great experience and I couldn’t have asked for a better department as a 21 year old. Corporate Communications did some awesome things during this time.

Fox Chase Cancer Center (2007 – 2014)

After Aramark I accepted a position with Fox Chase Cancer Center. I worked as a graphic designer and illustrator in the Creative Services Department. And once again amazing colleagues taught me so much during his time. At Fox Chase we worked on big projects and small ones, even winning some awards along the way.

Aquatrols (2015 – Present)

While enjoying some success as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator, I stumbled across a unique posting for a full-time position. I felt like we had an amazing interview and was happy when I was asked to join Aquatrols to help with rebranding efforts as Aquatrols grows and expands into emerging markets.

A year as a freelance graphic designer & illustrator provided me with a variety of projects that I am still proud of today.

Between my time at Fox Chase Cancer Center and Aquatrols, I started 4545 Creative and spent a year working for myself and figuring out my next move. At 4545 I took on many freelance graphic design and illustration jobs that paid the bills, all the while spending my free-time outlining a side project that that I hope to complete in 2017. Here are some of the projects that I was excited about during my year of freelancing.


Trusted by Clients & Colleagues

Joe is a creative, responsible, team player. Within a short amount of time he became indispensable as part of the marketing department. Working with Joe is truly a pleasure.- Kim Williams, Fox Chase Cancer Center
We hired Joe as an entry-level designer for our Internal Communications team at ARAMARK in Philadelphia. Joe got up to speed very quickly and produced highly creative materials for our clients. He's a great team player and would be an asset to any organization.- Gene Morris, Aramark
I was fortunate to work with Joe for several years at ARAMARK. He's a talented graphic artist who comes up with great ideas, delivers on time, and can switch direction on a moment's notice as project demands change, which they so often do.- Nancy Sooy, Aramark

Graphic Design

Over 10 years of experience in professional graphic design, working in healthcare, sports & entertainment, agriculture and small business.


Award-winning designs done in-house that have rivaled and beat out many agency projects.


Drawing since I was able to talk, I have put this talent developed at school to use on medical illustrations and technical drawings.

Social Media

An active presence on Social Media both personally and professionally with @4545creative.


I have developed brands & worked within established brands with many clients, colleagues & mentors.

Writing & Learning

Always writing and learning about the things I love like design, illustration, movies and books.

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While I hold regular office hours with Aquatrols, I am always interested in taking on fun and creative side jobs. Contact me today if you want collaborate on your next project.

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