What is 4545 Creative?

4545 Creative is Joe Gillespie, a visual storyteller that specializes in illustration and graphic design. Joe strives to provide projects which are unique to his brand of art and storytelling.

A family man, Joe is a husband and father of two. He was raised in an Irish-Catholic section of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and still lives in Philadelphia today. Joe is the youngest of his family and was often the recipient of some crazy stories from his five older brothers.  

Joe’s most recent project, My Father Wrestles Alligators, is a children’s book about some of these crazy stories his brothers told him as a child. This children’s book was successfully funded on Kickstarter in August 2020 and has been receiving rave reviews for the art, storytelling, and fun accessories like stickers, bookmarks, and character cards. 

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My name is Joe Gillespie and I am currently working on my first children's book, My Father Wrestles Alligators #Gabfest20 pic.twitter.com/Hrk2BPjIO9

— Joe Gillespie (@4545creative) March 31, 2020

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Been pretty happy with how the art is coming out for this book…even this creepy clown. Definitely a lot more time to work on it these days. 🤡 🖊 #artistsoninstagram #illustration #childrensbookillustration #childrensbooks

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