Sep 01

Don’t Build a Floating Doghouse

It has been one year since we closed out the successful Kickstarter for My Father Wrestles Alligators and Other Fantastic Lies From My Five Older Brothers. The last year has been filled with exciting responses from everyone who received a book and reward. As one last thank you I thought... read more →
Aug 26

Console War Veteran T-Shirt

The Console War was real! Kids that grew up in the early 90s lived it. House of plumber vs house of hedgehog. Best friends arguing in the playgrounds. Families literally torn apart! That last part is a bit of an exaggeration but the lines were drawn and it was the... read more →
Aug 03

Check Me Out On Instagram

Sharing Art on Instagram Other than sharing art on Instagram and catching up on my favorite illustrators, the internet feels like it drains a little bit of me every time I sneak a peek. From the misinformation to the general hate hurled at one another, I have really been avoiding... read more →
Jul 25
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Oct 11

My Father Wrestles Alligators Book Giveaway

Get a Sticker and a Chance to Win a Book! Sign up for the 4545 newsletter and automatically get a sticker. You will also be entered in our Book Giveaway where you could win a copy of My Father Wrestles Alligators with an original Hallway Monster drawing on the title page.For a chance to win, all you need to... read more →
Sep 18

Follow Friday: Travis M. Blair

I know I just wrapped up my Kickstarter but I wanted to give a #FF to my pal Travis. He and David are working hard on a series of adventure books for children. With the first book already created, Travis and David are looking to expand their audience with the... read more →
Aug 31

Thank You!

On the surface, My Father Wrestles Alligators is just a fun little project. But creating an original children’s book has been a personal goal of mine for quite a few years. I’ve had numerous ideas that have stopped or stalled for various reasons, but this book is truly something I... read more →
Aug 28
Aug 26